Friday, November 30, 2007

LATI's 23 Things Experience

LAs in the Spring 2007 session of LATI were encouraged to participate in 23 Things, also - especially if their system was part of the statewide initiative. The thinking was 23 Things was fun;some of the things were already on the LATI agenda for LAs to look at and experience;the LAs would have an opportunity to learn with their colleagues and be eligible for their system's incentives. Since the bulk of 23 Things was spread out over the summer, LATI fieldwork activities were extended 5-6 weeks later in the session. Particpation was optional and 14 LAs (28 in the group)chose to "play."

Some jumped right in and completed the Things in almost one sitting - others, followed the schedule and others, particpated as opportunities presented themselves.
Of course, not everything appealed to all,including me. I think though that by trying out the Things, particpants have a better idea and understanding of the web 2.0 tools that their customers use. Who would've thought that a YouTube would become the forum for querying candidates for the Presidential nominations?

Ditto to some of the concerns, especially "time" expressed by other liaisons - as well as the opportunity 23 Things presented to staff within a system to support and collaborate with one another...and to have fun. Learning is fun and we should encourage it [fun]as much as possible.

23 Things is included in the LATI experience. The current group of LAs that started in the Fall have done Things 1-4. Completing other Things is optional and all who do will receive additional CEUs.

I applaud the committee for developing the initiative and look forward to your next effort.Congratulations on a successful venture.

Honore Francois
LATI Coordinator

PS. One unexpected result: LATI's virtual assistant, Laura Allen, was so impressed and intrigued with 23 Things that she shared it (the link) with her virtual community, so they could learn and upgrade their technology and web 2.0 skills too!

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