Friday, November 30, 2007

AACPL Experience and Future Plans

We only have had our pilot group complete all 23 things. We are now designing a briefer version “AACPL’s Exploration of Lib. 2.0” for all Information staff and others who are interested. It will have 7 or so required things and several other possibilities. It was felt that the smaller number of things could be supported with time away from working the public service desk, while the 23 Things in it's entirity could not. The required things will become part of our technical competencies for all public service Information staff, which includes our Part time hourly Information staff .

We already had two system blogs in place and that number is expanding both in branches and system wide. We previously had incorporated sources such as "Library Thing" in our Readers’ Advisory training, we just didn’t refer to these things as Lib. 2.0 or Web 2.0. We now have a New Technology Wiki in place and some branches have been playing around with this format for sharing their own ideas as well. One of our Part time hourly Supervisors designed a Blog to share information and updates about the 5 branches in her area and others are seeing how this can be a great way to communicate. We held a session on blogs and uploading photos to your blog at our General Staff Meeting and will offer additional sessions. So we are moving in the right direction, just more slowly than some others perhaps. Thanks for your guidance and the whole model of coordinating something like this on such a statewide level.

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