Monday, December 3, 2007

ESRL experience

We had 62 people finish for the first round of 23 Things on the shore. (We are currently in a second round for those who couldn't participate over the summer.) This type of learning was new to some folks and definitely took some getting use to - but overall the experience was very positive. Most seem happily surprised by how much they learned!

What stands out for me is how this program reinforces the idea adults like/need to take control over their own learning. I liked the flexibility of this program - people could sign in when they had time; delve deeper into some topics/skim others; and be somewhat self-directed. Like all training, the more that people put into it, the more they got out of it. I am also very excited to see how 23 Things helped people gain some confidence in learning new technology.

Thank you Nini!


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